February 10, 2023

A note from me....

Some of you might know, most of you probably don't, I have been running this business basically solo, yes, just me, for over a decade. I am the sole provider for my family. This economy to say the least, has not made running a small business easy. It's like a new dumpster fire on the daily. There are insane increases in costs of supplies, delays in supplies shipping, delays in shipping times unlike anything I have never seen. I'm hoping this changes soon but I'm not holding my breath. Just know that I work basically 7 days a week to make sure your orders are going out as quickly as possible. I always appreciate you being patient with me as I am one human, a 38 year old chick, trying to navigate life in this bullshit. I have good days and bad days.


You all know I have kept my prices the same, often offer discounts to make everything "affordable for everyone" as that is the goal of my brand. With that being said, I haven't raised prices in at least 5 years but with all my costs going up to provide these pieces to you there has to be a change. Within the next couple weeks prices will have a slight increase. I don't want to but I have to. I'm not saying that my discounts will stop but I'm saying get on this lower pricing now before it's gone (hopefully temporarily).


Much love and yes, I know I am a terrible writer. I design jewelry and accessories- get over it! xo


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