The Jump Off

The Jump Off

Hello all you badass Babes and Dudes!

Let's be real. I am terrible at this writing stuff but.... because I love all you supporters (and you must have a little thing for me) here I go.

YAY! This is the official launch of the new website. After months of procrastinating, crying throwing things and stressing, my amazing friends and family pulled together to help make this thing happen. ( you know who you are and I <3 you all )

With all the issues the last site was having it was time for a big change. Now, that being said, there might be some "bugs" that need fixing with this new site. I encourage you to tell me about any issues you have when browsing or purchasing items from the site as it will only aid in making this transition as painless as possible. Here's an added bonus... if you find a problem with the site please drop me an email at and I will give you a discount code for 20% off! 

Again, Thank you for all the support. You guys are

xo, Amanda


unapologetically real.

raising hell.

fresh outta fucks.





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