Sunday Sunday Sunday

This particular Sunday morning was for coloring, coffee and cursing.

After the chaos and the stress of starting this new website I needed a moment of zen. Just a side note.... zen, ya, zen is not "me". Immediately following said coloring I had to start pounding on metal and listening to The Black Keys. Shake off the zen.

As I said before, I am terrible at these blog post things, but I'm trying. I'll eventually get in to all the good stuff... why I chose to start this whole GageHuntley thing and give you a peek in to the real life of me and my family. I mean, I'm a foul mouthed tattooed pain in the ass. It might be a little entertaining....

That's it for now.

Stay Rad, Babes.

xo, Amanda


unapologetically real.

raising hell.

fresh outta fucks.






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I like the way you color. And you are fabulously entertaining!

Beth Neal

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