Hey, Hi, Hello there.

What a week/ weekend! I need about a gallon of wine. (Good news is I have actually been sleeping. This is kind of like a mythical unicorn in my life. I don't think I have slept in months but this week something has changed so I feel like a new damn person.) 

I feel like all I have been doing this week is running around doing errands for the lil' dude, the big dude, taking product photos, retaking product photos, editing photos.... enough with the damn photos. Yes, I really need to outsource that to a photographer..... on the list. 

There are a ton of new products on the site. You might like them, you might not, you know what? I actually WANT your opinion. Do you like the mix on the site? Give me some feedback. It is appreciated and yes, I can take criticism. I consciously try to have something for everyone. As always though... I have to like all the products myself or they don't make the cut.  

The rings were added this week and they are a huge hit. I didn't realize how much all ya'll (did I really just type ya'll?!?) babes liked pretty things on your fingers. I will definitely be bringing more rings back to Gage Huntley. 

OH OH OH and earrings!!! I have some AMAZING earrings coming to the site too. 

So much more is coming. Like, I could tell you right now but that sooooo spoils all the excitement.

Hoping to get to some time for some of my own projects this next week or two, finishing the office, working on the new camping trailer, etc. and with that have more to chat with you about. Still working on all your amazing orders too!

Time for some wine. Wow did I really just write a whole blog post and not say fuck. What's wrong with me? :)

Have a amazing week babes.

Chat soon.




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