Fresh Outta Fucks

Hey Badass! I have an idea!  

Let’s start a revolution. 

Suppose for a day, we were our most real, unedited selves. Imagine how you would strut your fine ass into a room. Think of how it would feel to grab the attention of the person that you really want to notice you. Wouldn’t it be exciting to show the world that you have something rad to say, and that it’s fucking important?? 

Make them listen up without saying a damn word. Grab a "Fresh Outta Fucks” cuff (one for you and two for your friends!) and prove that you will NEVER bow down to the fuck takers!  

Because some days, you just don’t give one fuck, two fucks, red fucks, blue fucks. 


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one fuck, two fucks, red fucks, blue fucks
HAHAHAH…… I LUV this!!

Joanne Lupo

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